Help me propose to Mary!

Share a picture of something Mary likes, for inspiration, CLICK HERE. No matter which social media don't forget to make the post visible to the public and use #MarryMeMaryday.

If you can't find the perfect picture grab one from bellow and send it in.

This is Mary

She is mine. You can’t have her. I’m going to propose to her today, but I need your help.
Post pictures or any other content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but use the hashtag #MarryMeMaryday.
Keep on posting all day Saturday until around 8pm Pacific, when I’ll take her to a room where your #MarryMeMaryday inspiration will be projected on the walls. And with your help and your photos I’ll pop the question.

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I met Mary my Junior year of high school and fell in love with her instantly...but not really. I actually was really good friends with her brother, Matt. I thought she was cute, but never pursued or entertained anything because she was my friend's sister. Well time past, and I graduated high school and went on an LDS Mission to Portugal for 2 years. We didn't stay in touch then. But when I came back, I started college and after a year or so, we started talking more and more. Our first time hanging out together was in Sept 2010, when she came to borrow The Hunger Games. We went on one date, were an official couple by our 2nd date and have been happily dating ever since.
Now the time has finally come for me to ask her to marry me. I love her more than anything else in the world and can't wait to be with her forever.

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