The Couple

Hi there! This is Rhett and Mary. We are so excited to begin our lives together. As soon as we get hitched, we'll be moving to a small apartment in Chicago, where Rhett works for an awesome advertising agency! Mary will be working as a nurse. We love all types of movies, food, and games. As we began dating, we found ourselves bonding over the geeky things in life, you know, star wars, star trek, lord of the rings, and name a few. The relationship only grew from there. Rhett is a great cook, Mary is definitely a baker. Rhett loves the sun, Mary plays in the rain. Rhett adores his cat, Mary is obsessed with her dog. As much as we love the outdoors, there's nothing like cuddling up on the couch for hot cocoa and a good movie. Please come celebrate #MarryMeMaryDay and help us start our lives together! Thanks for all the love and support!

The Proposal

After 3 years of dating, Rhett and Mary decided that it was time to finally seal the deal. On August 31, Rhett set forth his master plan to propose to the girl of his dreams. He got a bunch of friends, family and even strangers together to flood the internet with images that he created for Mary and other pictures Mary liked. Thousands of people participated. While the internet was becoming personalized for Mary, Rhett took her out on a very nice date where they played with sea creatures at an aquarium, and then ate some at Red Lobster. After the date, Rhett took Mary back to a room where, projected on the walls, was a stream of everything that people had posted using the hashtag #marrymemaryday. He popped the question there and she said yes.

The proposal was unique enough to be featured as one of the Top Proposal Stories of 2013 according to the popular marriage blog, The Knot.

Below are some of the image that were used on MarryMeMaryDay.

The Wedding

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reception: 7-9pm

    Cedar Hills Vista Room
    10640 Clubhouse Dr Cedar Hills, UT 84062

The couple will be sealed in the Draper Temple.

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The Registry

The Rest

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Mary Williams: